Vizio GV47LF 47" LCD HDTV Television

Vizio GV47LF 47" LCD HDTV Television Tube. Duration : 2.85 Mins.

Visit for complete specs, pricing, and availability on the Vizio GV47LF 47" LCD HDTV Television. The VIZIO Gallevia GV47LF 47" LCD HDTV features the most powerful resolution in High Definition entertainment. With a pixel resolution of 1920x1080, this HDTV is capable of displaying 1080p signals. This means that the GV47LF will not need to compress even the most intricate progressive scan data signal before displaying it in brilliant color and clarity. Never miss a pass. See your favorite blockbuster with stunning precision. The Vizio Gallevia has an 8ms response time and can produce over 16 million colors. With a true 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, you'll enjoy a cinema experience you've never had at home. The Vizio Gallevia LCD TV features 2HDMI inputs, for an all-digital home theater setup. It's also equipped with Composite and Component inputs, S-Video plus stereo audio, and can be used as a bright, vibrant monitor for your PC. Enjoy sports, action movies, and your favorite television show in life like imagery and color. With the Vizio Gallevia GV47LF LCD TV, you may never go to the movies again.

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