Gorilla Glass on Flat Screen TV

Gorilla Glass on Flat Screen TV Tube. Duration : 1.35 Mins.

Over 110k downloads! bit.ly www.mahalo.com How much more would you be willing to pay for a flat-screen TV with virtually unbreakable glass? That's the question posed by an Associated Press report in early-August 2010 that says the scratch-proof, dent-proof, ultra-thin and lightweight "Gorilla Glass" may soon be available in flat-screen televisions. Gorilla Glass is already available in more than 100 different devices, including smartphones and notebook computers - but it may soon be coming to your living room television as well. According to the AP report, Corning - Gorilla Glass's manufacturer - is ramping up production of its Gorilla Glass in anticipation of deals with TV manufacturers in coming months. Using Gorilla Glass in TVs could result in a frameless flat-screen that the AP says "could be mistaken for chic glass artwork on a living-room wall." Gorilla Glass was first developed by Corning in the early-1960s, but it didn't gain popularity until around 2008 - when it surfaced as a lightweight, protective covering for cell phones and other mobile devices. Some analysts have said if Gorilla Glass is added to televisions, Corning could have a "multibillion-dollar bonanza" on its hands. The addition of Gorilla Glass to TVs could be costly for consumers, adding between and to the price of a TV by some estimates. More News from Mahalo.com: Anthony Weiner: www.youtube.com American Idol: www.youtube.com Lorenzen Wright: www.youtube.com Angelina Jolie Nude: www ...

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