Best Tablet for 2012

The Motorola Xoom is a distinguished tablet that offers nearly all the original features of a desktop Pc, but it's in a 10.1 inch tablet that's just half an inch thick. I have the satisfaction of supporting 3 of them at work right now. So far this would be my selection for Best Tablet 2012.

Who makes it: Motorola

32 Inch TV

Price Range: 0-0 for wi-fi only version. 3G and 4G Xoom's can run as much as 0 depending on if you sign up for a 2 year data contract from a cellular provider. This spin is on the Wi-Fi only version of the Motorola Xoom (which is all I've worked with so far).

Who's it for: This a hardcore tablet. It's got a lot of power and features. It's perfectly distinguished for home and corporate users who want the desktop perceive right in the palm of their hand, however if you're just trying to browse the internet and read some ebooks there are more affordable tablets out there.

Motorola Xoom Hardware Features

The Xoom isn't playing nearby when it comes to hardware. It's beefy. Motorola popped in a dual core 1 ghz nVidia Tegra 2 processor, 1 Gb of Ddr2 Ram, 32 Gb's of internal storehouse and a 10 hour battery (and that's 10 hours of no ifs ands or buts using the tablet)! That's a lot of power for a tablet.

Motorola didn't skimp on wireless connectivity either. The Xoom comes with 802.11 N Wi-Fi and it also supports A, B and G signal types as well. Blue-tooth is also included so you'll be able to use accessories like headsets or even connect it to your hands-free blue-tooth system in your car (which is great for those turn by turn directions played via your car speakers).

The Xoom allows you to setup 5 "home screens". Each of these home screens can include distinct applications and widgets. While this isn't a big deal in the corporate environment it does make sharing the Xoom at home with other citizen much easier. Speaking of can add dozens of widgets on each home screen. These widgets are scrollable (for example you can scroll through emails on the email widget), stackable and now re-sizable!

Unlike the iPad, the Xoom thoroughly supports Adobe Flash (v. 10.2), so you won't be tiny to viewing just half of the sites on the Internet. You should know that flash article uses the battery approximately twice as fast. So your 10 hours if internet browsing becomes 5 if you're on flash rich websites.

Multi-touch gestures are there too, for example, you can use 2 fingers to pinch zoom in and enlarge (zoom out) any website, photo or movie.

Email: You can add as many corporate or personal email accounts as you want. Our Xoom users here at work have Microsoft replacement and gmail accounts configured on their Xooms. So far it works perfectly.

Xoom is Multi-tasker. You can download music, files, watch a video or play a game all at the same time, there's no need to wait for something to finish. Tabbed web browsing is also available in the Xoom. It's just like your desktop.

The Android shop gives you way to hundreds of thousands of Apps, Games, Books and more. Some are free and some cost everywhere from - (usually). Now, with the new Android 3.2 issue for the Xoom you can also rent movies directly from the Android shop (and these are new movies, as soon as they are released to Dvd). Google apps and technologies are found throughout the Xoom (and they work flawlessly with the irregularity of Google Earth at this time). You can video and voice chat using Google talk (over a Wi-Fi connection) or pull up a 3D Google map and get spoken turn-by-turn directions if you're out walking or in your car.

Best Tablet for 2012

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