Samsung Ln32B550-32 Inch Lcd Tv chronicle

Offering you stunning image quality, the Ln32B550 model is a 32 inch Samsung's Hdtv that has the provision of a 1080 pixels display. It is engineered on the basis of the Touch of Color design. This Tv set enhances the level of viewing feel by delivering you high ability images in which every small information is conspicuously displayed.

To make the pictures look extraordinarily plane and realistic, this Tv set utilizes the Wide Color Enhancer 2 technology along with the aid of the Dynamic contrast ratio of 70000:1 and the swift 6ms response rate. This provision of a 6ms response rate significantly helps to deliver you blur-free images so that you can watch the action-packed programs with comfort. Beside this, the built-in digital and analog tuner gives you an easy way to watch the over-the-air Hd digital broadcasts or even to join together with the satellite/cable service. Needless to say, you will probably enjoy the sound ability emitted from the two built-in stereo speakers (10 watts).

32 Inch TV

Furthermore, you can also join together any High Definition (Hd) devices such as Blu-ray players, Dvd player and so on as there is the provision of four Hdmi connections. Also, there are two component video inputs along with the provision of a Usb 2.0 port that makes you capable of watching your pictures and listen to the songs that are stored on your Usb flash drive. Thus, altogether this Tv set offers seven Audio/Video inputs to join together to a amount of other cool devices of your choice, which you can regulate from a singular remote operate thanks to the buyer Electronics operate (Cec) feature. Let me also tell you that this 32 inch Tv set has the power Star's approval letter in its pocket.

A feature of its features:

• 32 inches screen
• A 1080 pixels display
• Touch of Color design
• Wide Color Enhancer 2 technology
• Dynamic contrast ratio of 70000:1
• A swift 6ms response rate
• Built-in digital and analog tuner
• power Star approved
• buyer Electronics operate (Cec) feature
• 2 built-in stereo speakers (2x10 watts)
• Four Hdmi connections
• Two component video inputs
• A Usb 2.0 port
• A Pc input

Samsung Ln32B550-32 Inch Lcd Tv chronicle

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