27-Inch Toshiba 27Hl85 Theaterwide Lcd Television

Toshiba 27Hl85 model is a 27-inch Lcd Tv that is pleasant to look at and is also packaged with lots of cool features intended to offer you potential images and video. There is a provision of a 720 pixel Hd display along with the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and is packaged with 125 channel Ntsc tuner. This Tv set can be mounted on the wall and it has also a detachable table stand for your comfort.

Besides the brightness rating of about 500 cd/m2, there is also an aspect ratio of about 16:9 coupled with the variation ratio of 900:1. And speaking about its features let me also mention the availability of the Vga 15-Pin D-sub input that allows you to use this 27-inch model as a computer monitor. Also, there is the provision of Hd component video input coupled with a Hdmi input. Moreover, you will also be glad about the 3:2 pulldown highlight that adjusts the fps videos so as to give you frame-accurate image display.

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Similarly, the resolution of this Tv set is additional enhanced by the application of the Digital 3D Y/C Comb Filter. To be brief, the Digital 3D Y/C Comb Filter is utilized by the Cable-Clear highlight so as to adjust the sharpness of the image and sell out the video noise. So there is no doubt that the photo potential will be rich and to make this more significant, this Tv set also features the Hd Dynamic variation technology and Toshiba's Pixel-Pure Adaptive Technology.

The latter technology comprises of Adaptive variation Enhancement, request for retrial Adaptive De-Interlacing, Adaptive Color Enhancement request for retrial and Adaptive Mpeg Processing. Furthermore, this Tv set is also packaged with the Stable-Sound highlight which adjusts the irritable fluctuation in the volume when switching between channels. And, thanks to the Srs Wow virtual surround sound feature, you will not only experience high potential photo but also good potential sound straight through the application of the 2 built-in speakers in this 27-inch Lcd Tv.

Highlight of 27-inch Toshiba 27Hl85 Theaterwide Lcd Tv's features and specifications:
• 27-inch Lcd
• Resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
• Srs Wow virtual surround sound feature
• Color temperature control
• Sleep timer
• V-Chip parental control
• Tri-lingual on-screen display
• GameTimer- Tv shuts off at a specified time and unlock key code is needed to reopen it.
• PixelPure Adaptive Technology
• 3D Y/C Comb Filter
• CableClear feature
• A Hdmi input
• 3:2 pulldown feature
• Vga 15-Pin D-sub input

27-Inch Toshiba 27Hl85 Theaterwide Lcd Television

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