42 "Sharp Aquos LCD TV - Total lagless

42 "Sharp Aquos LCD TV - Total lagless Tube. Duration : 9.87 Mins.

Please read this post for the whole story of why I have this video: www.avsforum.com How many players play timing-heavy games, I have carefully created with an upgrade to HDTV because of the intrinsic delay of many brands. Lag and HD signals on some TVs do, but I had come to believe it was * always * on old (480i) console. I had more than a year doing research and was disappointed. My options were to import a box of $ 2,000, mostly from Japan to do the upscaling special, or "Dealwith him. "I came across this TV, how the" game "really works as it should. I know almost all TVs today issued a" game mode ", but everyone I've met still leave behind at least 30-40 milliseconds delay (or more), which is just enough for timing-heavy games are not reproducible. The Sharp Aquos (LC-42D64U model number) * perfect * in game mode, even with the old 480i. I have decided have shown: if you're like me and absolutely refuse to even 1 frame of delay to resolve,This is your TV. Immediately. Games shown: - 3rd Strike: I do some combos and try to ward off some of my CRT vs my new HDTV (in game mode and other modes). Played on PS2 with components (even if it is 480i). zero lag in game mode. - Smash Bros Melee: Played on the Wii via component. Zero lag. - Smash Bros Brawl: Played on the Wii via component. Zero lag. - Perfect Dark: Played on the N64 through composite (red / yellow / white wire). zero lag in game mode. - Beatmania IIDX: Played onPS2 ...

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