Samsung 46-Inch 1080p LN46B650 120Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung 46-Inch 1080p LN46B650 120Hz LCD HDTV Tube. Duration : 2.67 Mins.

You can check the best price: under dozens of different lines of Samsung models and options offered for 2009 HDTVs, the Series LNB650 sits somewhere in between. And 'much cheaper than the LED-based LCD as the series UNB7000, and costs a little' less than the number of non-LNB750 LED 240Hz models, but still a premium entry-level models. Apart from a few hundred dollars, 120Hz refresh rate is separated from the B650 and B750 models on paper. InPersonality, style B650s significant and it turns out, the picture quality a little 'less than impressive, although the difference has nothing to do in Hz. The series LNB650 still produces a very good, however, and as we always like to implementation of Samsung dejudder processing. Sure, you pay a little 'more for many features, but you've always wanted a TV that can suggest recipes or keep your Twitter feed, is not it? Everything in the series makes a LNB650LCD good choice for a middle class, until he uses his unusual appearance and glossy screen. Series note: We have a hands-on evaluation of 46-inch Samsung LN46B650, but this criticism also applies to the three smaller models in the series: The 40-inch LN40B650, the 37-inch LN37B650, and 32-inch LN32B650, and the largest 55-inch LN55B650. All of these variables in the series have the same characteristics as the size of the screen, and must share a very similar image quality. Design:Editor ...

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