Samsung Ln32A450 32-Inch 720p Lcd Hdtv Vs. Sony Bravia Xbr-Series Kdl-32Xbr6 32-Inch 1080p Lcd Hdtv

In the 32' variety, Sony has made an absolute gem, which is tough to beat. Yet Samsung has launched its own ace and has won many hearts due to key features. Both are framed in black. Here is a comparison.

Both Tvs are roughly similarly heavy (or light) and come with wall mounts. But the Samsung version is thinner, giving it a sleeker look.

32 Inch TV

Resolution does not give much scope for comparison. Sony's 32" version has 1080p. That may be too much of pixels if viewed closely. From safe distance, the view is quite real. Samsung's 32" does have only 720p resolution. For the record, the higher the resolution, the higher is the clarity of a Tv.

The image aspect ratio in both televisions is 16:9. That is determined the ideal ratio, as the projections do not feel elongated or widened.

In terms of dynamic difference ratio, Sony wins hand down with a 25000:1 ratio compared to Samsung's 10,000. When that is added to the difference enhancer, you can make out in the middle of many types of black. Picture on Samsung does have help from wide-angle enhancer. That makes Samsung's A450 a better viewing Tv than Sony's 32Xbr6 from angles and heights. But at eye level, Sony is decidedly better.

Then Sony has 4 Hdmi to Samsung's 3. Hdmi or High Definition Multimedia Interface is the computer equivalent of Usb port. The connections with Dvd players, blackberry and Blu-Ray drives can be made.

In sound quality, both are fitted with Trusound technology to suck up excess sound, but the speakers are average.

In response time, it's a one horse race, as Sony has not declared its response time. So pictures may appear slightly slow on Sony's version. Samsung's version has a potential response time of 6 ms. It deals with fast images such as a Bruce Lee chop in real time.

Aesthetically, Samsung wins the fight if fast pictures are what you dig most in a Tv and also if you seeing for a better price, but ample Sony is the winner if you are just seeing for the best Tv.

Samsung Ln32A450 32-Inch 720p Lcd Hdtv Vs. Sony Bravia Xbr-Series Kdl-32Xbr6 32-Inch 1080p Lcd Hdtv

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