Sony Kdl-46Z5800 recapitulate

The Sony Kdl-46Z5800 belongs to the Bravia Tv range, and carries the groundbreaking freesat tuner. Now you can entrance on your Hdtv hundreds of Tv and radio channels - free of charge. It's no wonder why a few other Lcd Tv manufacturers are also harnessing this technology.

A immense 46 in (117 cm) Lcd with full 1920 x 1080p resolution will take your Hd viewing touch to a whole new level. Its slim profile will tell you that enjoying Hdtv doesn't have to take up much space at all. Sony's Bravia range of products is known for its superb styling and engineering. And the Kdl-46Z5800 has all that - timeless line produce and the Bravia motor 3 technology.

32 Inch TV

Enjoying Free Broadcasts

Nothing else grabs everybody's concentration than mentioning the word "free". And the built-in freesat tuner in this Bravia marvel does just that. Imagine: free entrance to Tv and radio channels in full Hd - without adding to your monthly utility bills. It's an easy yet revolutionary way to enjoy satellite Hdtv. Best of all, there's no need for those messy set-top boxes and dangling cables in your entertainment space.

Bravia motor 3 Imaging

Lcd Tv's come and Lcd Tv's go - without leaving a trace. But the Bravia motor 3 is here to stay and blow your senses away. A technology carried by every singular stock in the Bravia Tv range, Hd has been made even better. It packs in a wide-array of superb imaging technologies that leaves its rivals in the dust.

The Motionflow 200Hz with Image Blur discount lets you enjoy sports and action-packed movies in the clearest way ever. It's the world's first quadruple-speed fame rate in Lcd Tv's - awesome 200 frames every second! No obscuring will take you away from all the action. Live Color Creation brings you true-to-life images bursting with vibrant colors. Enjoy the deepest blacks ever and clearest details with the Sony Kdl-46Z5800's 100000:1 dynamic divergence ratio.

Internet Access

Thanks to the AppliCast inside this sleek Bravia Tv, now you can entrance a collection of net-based applications. And you can do so even without switching on your Pc. The AppliCast feature is a chain of network applications you can enjoy when the Tv is associated to the net. Stay associated with a collection of widgets and an Rss reader that keeps you updated on the most recent nearby the world.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Complete your home entertainment principles with Hdmi inputs. There are 2 at the back and 2 more at the side - now you can join together up to 4 of your choices of Av/Hd devices. Plus, you can operate all of them using the Tv's very own remote control.

Dlna and Usb 2. 0 connectivity makes it easy to boast your photos and videos in full Hd glory on the screen of the Sony Kdl-46Z5800. Naturally join together your compatible expedient to this Bravia Lcd Tv and entrance all using a singular remote control. Save everyone from the hassle of peeking at your holiday snapshots and clips on the built-in tiny Lcd's of your cam.

Energy-Saving Features

The Eco Features of the Sony Kdl-46Z5800 lets you save on electrical consumption, as well as save the environment. The Wcg-Ccfl backlight automatically adjusts depending on the room's lighting conditions. You can opt to turn the Tv into standby mode or off when no user performance is sensed after some time.

Sony Kdl-46Z5800 recapitulate

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