LG LE 9500 Slim 72" 3D LCD TV, LE 9500 Full LED Slim 55" 3D

LG LE 9500 Slim 72" 3D LCD TV, LE 9500 Full LED Slim 55" 3D Tube. Duration : 5.13 Mins.

Link: www.buy.com The new flagship brand of LG TVs boasts a thin bezel, slim design, and enhanced connectivity. The LE9500 is the top of the line of the Infinia LCD series. Not only does it feature a 480p refresh rate and 3D capabilities, but it' s the first LCD TVs in the US market to receive THX certification. LG has also seen fit to include the THX "Bright Room" function, which adjusts brightness contrast and gamma settings for optimal performance in rooms with a great deal of ambient light. LG's Netcast entertainment access system offers the most online video and audio content directly to HDTVs and Blu-Ray Disc Players without the need for a personal computer. The expansion of LG's NetCast feature to include Skype is the next step in providing customers with instant access to the online content they crave. Stay connected with friends and family through the video conferencing capabilities included with Netcast's new Skype features.

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