Gaming Set-up and Room Tour 2011 in HD (Part 1)

Gaming Set-up and Room Tour 2011 in HD (Part 1) Tube. Duration : 12.30 Mins.

Hey Guys! This is a Video of my Gaming Setup and room :) The things you will see in this video and the part 2 video include: A Samsung 32 inch, full HD(1080p) TV(Black), 160+ Xbox 360 games, A custom made GAMING PC from '' - SPEC (Processor: Intel Core i7-870 Quad core, RAM: 8GB, Graphics Card: 1GB NVIDIA Gforce GTS 450, HDD:1TB and Operating System: Windows 7 - 64 Bit, Xbox 360 Kinect, Xbox Slim, Nintendo DS Lite, Chunky old DS, Game boy advance SP, 30+ DS games, Loads of guitar controllers, 4 drum kits (for rockband and gh), PC games, PS2 games, Small philips tv for retro gaming, manga, acoustic guitar, 2 Electric Guitars (Vintage SG and Jackson RX10D, Amps, Ugly dolls, Dvds, CD's, Mini fridge, mp3 player, mp4 player, mobiles, PS1 with screen, LOADS of accessories for the Xbox and more :) and the best bit is its all recoded for you guys in 720HD Please, please, please don't forget to comment, rate and most impotantly subscribe! It means alot 2 me! Thanks ^_^ (My first vid in HD WOOT WOOT oO If you have any questions or requests leave me a comment below and i will get back 2 you!

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