Westinghouse 32 inch LCD TV 1080P (VR-3225) Review

Westinghouse 32 inch LCD TV 1080P (VR-3225) Review Tube. Duration : 6.83 Mins.

Westinghouse 32 inch LCD TV 1080P (VR-3225) Review I bought this TV about a month ago and now that I've had some time to use it, I decided to get the review out for you guys! BUY WESTINGHOUSE 32" TV: www.Extreme-Days.com Check Out The Blog: www.Extreme-Days.com Follow Me On Twitter Twitter.com Join Me On Facebook: www.Extreme-Days.com Donate Through PayPal: www.extreme-days.com After much research and shopping around, I decided to purchase the Westinghouse 32 inch LCD TV for use with my HD-PVR. I bought this for simple use and wasn't expecting to use it for a whole surround sound system setup in my living room, it was just for the simple use of hooking up to my HD-PVR to record gameplay. The quality of this Westinghouse 32" Television is full 1080P and it shows! This LCD TV is crystal clear and has a beautiful picture once you adjust the color, contrast, and brightness. The screen is a semi-gloss screen, so if that is a problem for you, you may want to move along to a different TV, because this is fairly reflexive, which bothers some people. The bezel and stand are both made with a gloss finish, so fingerprints do show unless you constantly wipe down the TV with a microfiber cloth. One downside to this TV is that there aren't a lot of ports in the back. There is 1 of most of the common ports, but there aren't additional options for multiple inputs or outputs of the same type. Also, the navigation buttons are on the right side of this television, keep this in mind if you ...

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