LCD TV Repair made easy # 6

LCD TV Repair made easy # 6 Tube. Duration : 9.42 Mins. Now that we see a great many surface mounted components being used in modern day TVs many repairmen are so intimidated they may forget there are still a great many serviceable components and circuits, Especially the switch mode power supply. Here are a few ebooks I thought were very helpful.Troubleshooting & Repairing LCD TVs by John Preher at http For someone new to electronics the first few pages of this book may be a bit challenging but the majority of this book is easy reading with lots of pictures, diagrams, and useful troubleshooting techniques. Johns book has helpful info about servicing LCD TVs. The most helpful points I learned in this book are the main test points and their approximate voltages. ======================================== How to troubleshoot and repair Switch Mode Power supplies by Jestine Yong at This was an expensive ebook but the best I have ever read on switching power supplies.Jestine is good at getting right to the main points you need to understand about troubleshooting this kind of power supply and their associated feedback circuits. Since a majority of the problems I have seen on LCD TVs are related to bad power supplies this is one book I'm glad to have in my collection. Most of the book was easy reading with plenty of pictures and diagrams. ======================================== Testing electronic components and finding unknown resistor values by Jestine Yong. http I have not ...

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