Hitachi 35 mm thick HD LCD TV: DigInfo

Hitachi 35 mm thick HD LCD TV: DigInfo Tube. Duration : 2.30 Mins.

DigInfo - Related links Hitachi added 32 -, 37 - and 42-inch models of its high-definition TV Wooo UT series. The new models are 35 mm thick, without the frame. XCodeHD integration technology for high-definition recording ViXS Systems Canada, 's (gigabytes), 250GB hard drive built-in tuner lets you record high-definition video for about 50 hours. The new series also offers enhanced support network, enabling viewers to a variety of content relating to accessBroadband Internet. "AcTVila" is a service-based TV network that viewers not only about the text and photos but video content, allowing access to the TV to the broadband network. The button "Net" on the remote control provides easy access Wooonet, the portal owned by Hitachi, and viewers can have videos and photos shot by Video de Mail, a mail service, click upload to the site. The three cards of the UT series of LCD TVs have a life cycle of the product of about60,000 hours. Hitachi was able to use their material and packaging by more than 10% decrease compared to their predecessors, resulting in energy saving and environmental consideration of the unique features of the products. The new TVs also achieve 38% reduction in annual electricity consumption. The three new models will go on sale June 7.

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