Panasonic 32" Lcd Screens - Which One Should I Choose?

Panasonic have won just about every award going for their last few ranges - if you pick a Panasonic 32" Lcd you're right on following the guidance of most of the major Av magazines.  They're not the cheapest Lcd screens on the shop but do offer outstanding potential and a superb viewing experience.  Here we run down three of  the best choices of 32" Panasonic screens

The Panasonic Tx-32Lxd85 is beyond doubt the top of the range 32" model from their last range - it's still ready at the major electrical retailers and often at a business transaction price.  This model received great reviews and performance is arguably very similar to the current range - the Tx32Lxd85 model had upgraded speakers so the sound should be good than the '80' model.   You can often get a beyond doubt good price on this model but they are no longer being artificial so if you spot one you like get it then as it may be the last one you see - it's a top potential Panasonic 32 Lcd screen for a often a business transaction price.

32 Inch TV

The next model is the Panasonic Tx-32Lzd80 which is part of Panasonics latest range the Lzd - Which magazine rated it as 'just about the best 32" Lcd Screen you can buy" .  All round perfomance is perfect and it's yet to receive a bad quote from any of the digital press or major Av magazines.  It's quite a straight forward choice if you've ruled out the older model above - if you're not too bothered about sound (or you're attaching a home cinema system) this is probably the best Panasonic 32 Lcd screen for you.

If you don't want more wires and still want good sound then the Panasonic Tx-32Lzd85 is probably the precise choice - the Tx32Lzd85 has much improved speakers built into the frame - the 85 is the flagship model so there are also a combine of minor image processing improvements but the speakers are the main change.  If you are using external speakers it's not worth the extra cash.

Whichever of the above Hdtv screens you select I'm sure you won't be disappointed - all the current Panasonic 32" Lcd screens are at the top of the pile.

Panasonic 32" Lcd Screens - Which One Should I Choose?

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