Repair a Sony KV40xbr800

Repair a Sony KV40xbr800 Video Clips. Duration : 4.05 Mins.

I managed to board a 32-inch Sony TV model number KV32hs420 swap. I had everything, including the CRT and replace cables. even though I no longer shop or DVI option. TV works great. if you have a blown 40-inch pipe repair and can not carry on board or flashing red light. 32-40 inch XBR all / WEGA / Trinitron tube TV Card 2002-2006 eveything is just swap. You will have to adjust the image and the colors a bit ', but not bad. Save £ 350 Monsterfrom the landfill. Warning, dont repair, if you know basic electronics. very high voltage! Update: I have all the features. I just installed the old A-rear it. lit. If you get an insert larger, just add the white wire first. for example. 32/40 inserts the card has a different thread. the wires are still compatible. just follow a PIN and make their own way, even if there are more pins left. TV still work well. same thing with the cable connections crt. White WirePin 1 is

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