Ln32B360 - Most Affordable & Best Value 32-Inch Lcd Hdtv From Samsung

The Ln32B360 is a 32-inch Lcd Hdtv that is one of the modern models that have joined the already long list of products in the Lcd market. However, this singular model from Samsung stands out to have the best picture quality.

Although it lacks the surprise that a consumer expects in a cutting-edge technology like a higher angular resolution the Ln32B360 still manages to be one of the leaders in the black-level category. This is because its native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is just favorable for a screen of this size. This is because the Ln32B360 is only a 720p Hdtv while the other more costly screens are in the level of 1080p and they can hold 1920 x 1080 pixels. And even if it does not hold the highest of Hdtv resolutions, it is renowned that the Ln32B360 can work flawlessly with other Hd video sources that improve beyond 720p Hdtv.

32 Inch TV

The external appearance of the Samsung Ln32B360 is uncomplicated and elegant. The screen features a slick black case with a clear plastic body work and dark frame surrounding the screen. The stand is minimalistic just like any other Hdtv design. However, Ln32B360 model features some subtle changes in the general design so that the clear plastic protrudes and runs smoothly along the lower part. The stand also swivels much like a Pc that can be adjusted.

The remote of the Ln32B360 is long and thin and well matches the design and color of the screen. It can fit well in the palms and very easy to use.

When it comes to performance, the Ln32B360 can compete with the other more costly Hdtvs out there. The Lm32B360 model has a 30000:1 contrast ratio which means that it can make you see deep blacks and strong keen whites. The colors look good and they are standard within Hd standards. The range of the Ln32B360 is wide sufficient to cover most spectrums although there are some traces of inaccuracy especially for keen colors. However, this rare inaccuracy of the Ln32B360 is not caught by a naked eye and may not even be noticed under general circumstances.

The keen sequences of the Ln32B360 are also good because it can deal with videos with a 24 frame per second format which is close to what Blu-ray players can produce. The Samsung Ln32B360 is a good pick if you want a high definition Lcd Tv that is capable of giving you a satisfactory viewing experience. The 0 dollar price tag of the Ln32B360 is just cheap for a worthy purchase.

Ln32B360 - Most Affordable & Best Value 32-Inch Lcd Hdtv From Samsung

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