Lose Stomach Inches - How to Lose Inches Off My Waist Fast and at Home in Just Minutes!

If You'Ve been wondering "how to lose inches off my waist fast", well, I'm going to share with you some qualified and easy ways to lose stomach inches in just minutes a day at home. Read This Now if diet and exercise are failing you!

Lose Stomach Inches

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1. If you could only do 1 exercise, do the vacuum pose

Before I communicate this to you, I'll tell you that hundreds of my clients have used this exercise. Want their results? They averaged Just Under 2 inches lost from their waists doing it 5 minutes a day... For just 26-30 days.

Want even better results... Do this for 15-20 minutes a day and you'll see a drop of 3 inches in a month.

Anyway, the exercise is a version of "sucking in your belly". Suck in the lower abs around your belly button and hold for however long you feel comfortable holding the pose. I suggest 15-30 seconds at a time.

That's it. Then all you do is keep repeating it for a total of 5 minutes or more depending on if you want to lose 2 or 3 inches in a month. Be sure not to count the rest times as part of the total time.

2. My beloved exercise to get waist/hips curves... Hula hooping

I give a lot of prestige to this exercise for bring in the waists while toning the hips of my online clients. I get a lot of feedback on this exercise. however you want to do it, just do it for 10 minutes total each day. One other thing, be sure to use a Weighted Hula Hoop because they're a lot easier to keep whirling around your waist.

3. Bonus exercise... Spinning

Spinning around like a child helps with weight loss which in turn helps you lose stomach fat. It does this in a round-about way of manipulating your hormones (balancing them) through stimulation of your Endocrine System.

For spinning to work effectively, do it clockwise and do it More Than a few times each day. Those are 2 of the basics you should know that I took out of my Spinning Weight Loss ebook.

How to lose inches off my waist fast... You ask? Start with those 3 exercises to lose stomach inches while eating a exiguous healthier and doing some cardio.

Lose Stomach Inches - How to Lose Inches Off My Waist Fast and at Home in Just Minutes!

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