tang bandage - 32 subs-2 beeline ability 8002 sw amps cesspool array 1.AVI

tang bandage - 32 subs-2 beeline ability 8002 sw amps cesspool array 1.AVI Video Clips. Duration : 11.48 Mins.

[16] 6.5" and [16] 8" tang band sub woofers in ported cabinets on [1600 watts] "The Sub Chamber" subwoofer cabinets are custom designed for small and large sub woofers and speakers using a "unique tune-porting formula". They are custom designed for churches, homes and autos. They enable smaller subs to sound just like the larger (18 inch) sub woofers. These sub woofer cabinets mainly use multiple smaller subs that will fit into any home or vehicle with ease, saving room. The subs in this video are 6.5" and 8" tang band sub woofers powered by two "old school" Linear Power 8002sw "voltage" amps (made in 1998 - still brand new). They are actually 2400 watt amps each. However, the battery power supply is FACTORY and will not hold up to major sound equipment. When the voltage of the battery goes down below +12 volts, the 200 watt mid range amp cuts off because it is internally regulated. The Linear Power amps are not regulated! They will play off of what ever voltages they are supplied with.(smaller voltage input = smaller voltage output. full voltage input = full voltage output (above +8vdc min.or so, up to +14.4vdc max). These tang band subs are small but they sound huge!!!!! The great thing though, is they don't need a lot of power, BUT they can handle alot of power. Especially when insalled in a vented or ported cabinet. NOTE: The video camera is a small one (lol) and the reason you cannot really see sub woofers cone movement below 30 hertz is because the video camera ...

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