Newegg Review: LG 47" LED-LCD TV and HDTV Tech Tips

Newegg Review: LG 47" LED-LCD TV and HDTV Tech Tips Video Clips. Duration : 6.83 Mins. Today we're taking a closer look at an LED-backlit LCD TV from LG, the 47LE5400. This TV features a crisp, clear LCD display and the inherent benefits of LED-backlighting better contrast and less power consumption. Networking features are an excellent addition as well, and the TV's on-screen display makes it simple to get the TV connected to online streaming services like Netflix. If you're interested in some more info on HDTVs in general, we've also included some tips to de-mystify some of the new technology such as watching 3D movies and video games. LG 47" 47LE5400 @ Newegg: NVIDIA's 3D Vision List (3D-compatible displays): - Credits - Film/Editing & Graphics: Lam Talking, TV-watching: Paul - Music by 1Left -

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