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Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV.wmv Video Clips. Duration : 4.98 Mins. Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV - A Real Monster! Still one of the most popular large screen LED TV sets Samsung UN65C6500 65-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV, Black Wow, what a monster this Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV is! Knowing I had a massive interest in LED TVs a mate who purchased one of these amazing TV's invited me round for a demo. The first thing I'll say about this set is that you'll need a large room to get the best effect. If you only have a small viewing room, this set will probably be way too big for you. I loved watching the Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV but my friends set up is different, he specifically has a viewing room, just for his 65 inch wonder! My viewing area is more "public" so I think it's horses for courses. Get AViewing If You Can Again as with all LED TVs the Samsung UN65C6500 has all the power saving facets of all LED TV's's kind to your pocket and the environment. And, the Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV has an amazing "jack pack" that allows outstanding game play, built in photo library, USB ports, the ability to host peripherals, media 2.0 a PC input and an ethernet input as well as 4 HMDI inputs. It's also DNLA compatible which means that you can plug and play most makes of computer and mobile device. Finally the Samsung UN65C6500 LED TV is ultra slim and looks really rather good, but then so does my 46 incher! If you have the viewing room size and the budget you can't go wrong with the Samsung UN65C6500

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