Sony Bravia HX803 3D LED TV 'Picture settings'

Sony Bravia HX803 3D LED TV 'Picture settings' Video Clips. Duration : 0.80 Mins.

The HX803 is a great TV but if like me you have trouble getting the picture setting right, give these settings a go. I'm happy with mine now. You might want to turn sharpness right down to minimum if you're viewing HD but this set-up works well and gives a clear sharp picture without too much intervention by the enhancement options offered in the menu. Its a good starting point if you're finding the default setting too bright as I did. It may not be right for you and I'm sure there are more tweeks to come but trust me this looks great. Now I have to do it all again as the 40" was a bit small so I'm swopping it for a 46" HX 803.

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