What Size of Hdtv Screen to Buy?

The traditional rule for the maximum size of Tv screen that can be used in any room is to have a screen nearby four  times smaller than the  length of the average viewer from the Tv. So, if a viewer is 12 feet (144 inches) away, a screen size of about 36 inches could be accommodated.

However a high definition screen, has a much higher resolution and therefore enables a viewer to sit much closer to the set. There is some evidence on the internet within Tv reviews and blogs that many regret that the size of their new Tv is much too small within a few weeks of getting it.

32 Inch TV

Here are some new guidelines of the minimum length to be maintained to cater for the maximum size of the Hdtv:

Maximum screen size of Hdtv...   Viewing Distance

32 inches...                                         48 inches
46 inches...                                         72 inches
63 inches...                                         96 inches
112 inches...                                    168 inches

Another rule of thumb is to sit in the nearest chair or sofa and place a wide object in the space where you intend to have your new Tv. Then ask a friend or relative to mark the right and left extremities of the area you can view without tantalizing your head  or your eyes. That width of screen size should generally work well for a Hdtv.

Of course many transmissions are not yet in Hdtv format, so the compromise respond may well be to pick a one somewhere between the larger sizes that the new rules will throw up and the old one of up about 4 times smaller than the length between the viewer and the set.

What Size of Hdtv Screen to Buy?

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