Samsung Vs Sony - Cutting Edge Led Lcd Tv Encounter

Though such technology comes with a very costly price tag, Led Lcd Tv still stirs interest among television enthusiasts. Pioneer brands have emerged with their own models but two brands appeared to be more competitive - the Samsung A950 Led Lcd and the Sony Xbr8 Series.

Now a hot issue let us narrate how both Led Lcd televisions lead the home viewing entertainment store into a whole new level.

32 Inch TV

Led Lcd Tvs are your usual Liquid Crystal Display television with the addition of the cutting-edge Led backlighting technology. And of course, new technologies mean quite a big initial price. But Samsung wanted to attend to the needs of a greater store so the 81F Series of Led Lcd Tv was their first exertion to furnish a mass-market model.

The maker competition grew even hotter that Samsung released their A950 series while Sony created the Xbr9 series of Lcd Led Tvs and Lg introduced their Lg 47Lg90. Lg and Samsung models sell at nearby 00 for a 46 inch screen like the Samsung Ln46A950 while 44 inch versions are priced at approximately 00.

Sony chose not to join the price bracket of the two brands; their 46 inch Kdl-46Xbr8 sells at 00 while the 55 inch version is at 00 more. This makes the Sony models appear to be exceptionally costly than Led Lcd Hdtvs from other brands.

However, they differ not only in price but also the Led backlighting technology used. Although all three uses hundred of Leds positioned behind the screen, Sony uses a three-color Led set-up while Lg and Samsung use white Leds on their screens.

Sony's three-color Led system is coined as Sony Triluminous Technology which is powered by one blue Led and two green ones. Sony explains that such technology will improve color purity of images. This maybe could be a think for their more costly price tag.

So which Led technology is better? Is it Samsung's white light Led backlight or the three-colored technology of Sony?

Since Lcd Led Tv technology is technically quite new, improvements wills still be made in the years to come. Not that this isn't the right time to buy a Led Lcd Tv; but if you will think things carefully and administrate to comprehend that your needs could be met in a less costly model, you will see that it would be more rational to get a more affordable model.

But then again, it will all depend on your requirements of a good Led Lcd Hdtv. If Sony's Triluminous technology appears to you more, and if you have the funds for it, then go buy it. But if you are considering salvage your 00-3000 cash, opt to get the Samsung one and you will still get an exceptional Led Lcd Hdtv. After all, it is Samsung; you can be assured that you'll get what is best.

Samsung Vs Sony - Cutting Edge Led Lcd Tv Encounter

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