Amazing 32 round speed shoot

Amazing 32 round speed shoot Tube. Duration : 0.30 Mins.

On 4-15-07 my two sons and I competed in a local IPSC pistol match. In this video, my oldest son shoots a .45 caliber 1911 with 8 round single stack magazines. The magazines are loaded with 230 grain ball ammo - full loads. He engages both IPSC paper targets and a "Texas Star" that has 6 inch steel plates on the end of each arm. The Star spins faster with each steel plate shot off. He has two center mass hits on each paper target that he "double taps". His accuracy is clearly demonstrated while shooting the moving steel plates off of the Texas Star. He fires a total of 32 rounds from five shooting positions, reloading his 1911 .45 four times in SIXTEEN seconds. Turn up your volume and enjoy.

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