Nook Color Vs iPad - Move Over iPad?

Barnes and Noble has just released it's new "Nook Color" for the holidays, a color touch screen ebook reader. At its cheaper price point, it makes sense to ask "How does it compare vs the more costly iPad?" Here's a detailed look at the Nook Color vs iPad. Which is the good deal?

Let's first take a look at the memory capacities of the two devices. The iPad is ready in the 16, 32 and 64 Gb models, obviously more costly for the higher memory. The Nook Color comes with 8 Gb, but can be equipped with expandable memory.

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Wireless and 3G capabilities differ for both the devices as well. The iPad charges extra for the 3G+Wireless models, whereas the Nook Color is only ready in a wireless model.

The sizes of the screens differ quite a bit. Nook's organize is at 8.1 inches high by 5 inches, and the iPad is quite a bit bigger at 9.56 inches by 7.47 inches. That obviously gives Apple's gadget more screen size.

Both screens are made with the same Ips screen technology. That allows for 178 degree viewing angles of the screen.

The Battery lives of the two devices are comparable as well, at colse to 8 hours usage time before needing a charge.

The Big Differences in the middle of the iPad and Nook Color?

Apple's aim with their organize was to generate a product that can do anyone that a computer can do, but with the advantage of being extremely portable. That means it can be used as a media library and player, an ebook reader, and also a conveyable computer.

Of course it's fair to say that Apple has changed the entire game as well, so it can behave as an Apple gadget does, with the potential to use 1,000's of apps that each have their own use with the Apple devices.

The Nook is being marketed as an ebook reader, but it does much that the iPad does, up to a point. It can also be used as a small computer in the way that it surfs the web, stores and plays media, and can also be used as an ebook reader.

The Nc, however, does not have the advantage of using many, many apps advanced by a community of developers like Apple's gadget does. In fact the apps could be seen as non-existent for the Nook Color.

The prices differ considerably for the two devices. The Nook Color is going for 9 whereas the cheapest iPad is currently priced at 9. Who knows if this new issue from Barnes and Noble will trigger a price drop for Apple. Time will tell.

So there are some very large similarities apparent when comparing the Nook Color vs iPad, but only to a distinct extent.

Nook Color Vs iPad - Move Over iPad?

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