Colds And Flu

'Tis the season, when the newest versions of flu test our immune systems. As discrete as the viruses are, they have one thing in common -- they thrive in acidic environments and die off in alkaline ones.

We are talking about the pH of our bloodstream, pH being that range in the middle of acidity and alkalinity. Viruses will not survive in a blood pH nearer neutral or slightly alkaline. They will thrive in an acidic bloodstream.

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So, along the lines of prevention, we want to keep our blood nearer neutral in pH. How? By eating predominantly: fruits, vegetables, some seafoods, beans, nuts and seeds. A proportion of 80% alkaline-forming foods to 20% acid-forming will keep our systems salutary and flu-free.

Of course, acid-forming foods, such as wheats, meats and dairy are fine in balance (i.e., 20% of what we eat). Good to avoid fully are processed "foods" (whatever comes in boxes, cans and packages), junk and snack "foods," sugars and corn syrups, soft drinks -- you know, the stuff most of us like that wreak more havoc than we can imagine.

And let's not forget the big thinking and emotional contributors to acidic pH: stressed and negative thinking. This categorically converts into very acidic corporal toxins in our bodies. Exquisite antidotes for this bad habit comprise studying meditation, breathing deeply, or just choosing to "let it go."

Other prevention options include:

* Squeezing the juice of one lemon into a glass of filtered or spring warm water first thing every morning. The same goes for a half teaspoon of baking soda.

* Drinking several drops of Glyco-Thymoline or Alka-Thyme in water (available at many health food or drug stores) first thing every day.

* Drinking a tiny scoop of Nano-Cal in water once or twice daily (my personal beloved alkalizer, which also helps reverse thinning bones and teeth), ready from

What about environment? Ever think the air ducts in our homes could be a problem? Well, my parents would get a bad flu every year when the house heat came up. When I ultimately convinced them to have their duct work cleaned out some years back (Sears does it, as do some other companies), they have not once gotten an autumn cold or flu since. Their ducts had never been cleaned since the house was built in the '40s. Over an inch of thick black soot coated the ducts, an productive breeding ground for every year's germs that got recirculated and inhaled every time the heat came up.

It's astonishing what can be found in those ducts. This also applies to central-air-conditioned homes. We can't do much about the offices and schools most of us spend hours a day in, but at least we can get a more recuperative sleep at night at home.

We didn't mention flu shots as a preventive plainly because of a longitudinal study by Johns-Hopkins, which reported that habitancy who had gotten five consecutive flu shots in five years have a 10 times greater risk of developing Alzheimer's. That's because of the high concentration of heavy metals used in manufacture this -- and all other -- vaccines. Side-effects from heavy metals are too numerous and serious to be a sensible prevention, in this author's thinking.

We also didn't mention anti-biotics because they do not treat viruses. They are productive (in moderation) against bacteria, like the staph and strep that cause sinus infections and sore throats. Make sure, though, that you do a round of probiotics afterwards, to restore the intestinal habitancy of "good guys" which anti-biotics also knock out along with the "bad guys."

But nature also has an alternative for bacteria, staph and strep, one that has no side-effects. This is a bee product, called propolis. Propolis lines the hives, which are 100% free from viruses, fungus, microbes, bacteria -- better than any O.R. Can claim.

What if it's too late for prevention? If you feel a cold or flu just coming on, still in the first day or so, any of these suggestions may help nip it in the bud:

* Two capsules of cayenne pepper powder with a large glass of water. This will flush your arteries and kill the virus. (Not recommended for sensitive stomachs.)

* Squeeze the juice of two fresh lemons into a quart of orange juice (fresh squeezed is nice, but a brand with no sugar added will do). Take a half hour to an hour to sip this on an empty stomach. It will temporarily alkalize your bloodstream and defeat the virus.

* Take about 10,000 mg of vitamin C powder in a large glass of water. It may send you to the bathroom, but it will flush out the invader, too.

* Put several drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution into one ear while lying down on your side. Let it fizz up. When it's done, roll over and let it drain out onto a tissue or paper towel. Then do the other ear the same way.

Yes, this last one is weird but it works for most colds and flus. The new view on this is that the virus enters the body straight through the ear just as often as it does straight through the nose. I wonder if habitancy with long hair have fewer colds and flu....?

If a cold or flu has developed beyond the first day, the "rest in bed and drink plentifulness of fluids" will help shorten the procedure of recovery. It will also spare the rest of us from catching it, thank you very much.

Colds And Flu

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