Samsung 32 Inch Lcd Tv - exquisite Television

Samsung has a reputation in buyer electronics to uphold and they have done exactly that with the Samsung 32 Lcd Tv Lns3252D. This unit comes in a lovely pearl white and customers are raving about how it looks. First, the specifications.

• photograph in picture
• Built in image scaler
• Parental control
• automatic volume leveler (perfect for when you are changing channels, no more quiet to blaring)
• Inputs- Hmdi, S video, Rf, component, headphones and more
• 1366x768-pixel resolution
• Two stereo speakers

32 Inch TV

The Samsung 32 Lcd Tv is a exquisite television for a small den or bedroom.


Customers who bought this unit were very happy with their purchase. Comments include:

• right on an eye catcher, everybody who visits comments on this television.
• Six months of use and not a particular question to report. Out of the box picture, quality was great and set up was a breeze. The user interface was right on easy to navigate and understand.
• S video hook ups are an revision over similar models from other manufacturers.
• Colors are great, deep blacks and vivid colors make this Lcd great.


As with many Lcd, displays ghosting were an issue when watching action scenes or fast-paced sports programs.


Samsung 32 Lcd Tv has made vital strides to provide customers with a unique gaming taste as well. Working intimately with the habitancy at Microsoft to generate a extra gaming mode that has an optimized video and audio output for superior gaming experience. In addition, the Samsung 32 Lcd Tv has a 178 viewing range. This means the photograph will be clear no matter which angle you are watching from.

Defective Unit

No review of a stock would be unblemished without telling you of any complaints the stock might have. Out of dozens of reviews, there was one customer who had problems with any units. When the set warmed up, he experienced a high-pitched whine from his set. No other customer complained of this issue with the Samsung 32 Lcd Tv, but it is important that you have all the facts.

During the procedure of much research into Lcd flat panel televisions it has become apparent that except for a slight whole of sets sound quality is all the time less than perfect. Most complain that there is not enough volume and use a surround sound ideas to cover the deficiency.


With very few exceptions, the reviews on the Samsung 32 Lcd Tv have been stellar. All say that the photograph quality is outstanding and many have recommended the unit to house members.

Price has also been an important factor for many in purchasing the Samsung 32 Lcd Tv. Depending on your location, a new unit can be purchased for as slight as 0. Amazon is the leader of the pack when it comes to pricing any way and since they often offer free shipping this should be the first place you shop.

Samsung 32 Inch Lcd Tv - exquisite Television

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