BU outstanding football player accused of stealing TV

BU outstanding football player accused of stealing TV Video Clips. Duration : 2.63 Mins.

BloomUtoday.com team • Wed 8 September 2010-Bloomsburg projected starting running back Derrick Price Point, 22 years, and backup wide receiver Keter Crosby, 21, were both hanged last Saturday of BU coach Danny Hale to a report Enterprise press. Hale did not know why the show on time, but complained of Hemlock Twsp. Police pricing and Crosby are in trouble criminal. According to the report Hemlock Twsp. Police reported two men on Tuesday for their involvement in the theft$ 350, Vizio 32 inch TV, Wal-Mart in Buckhorn. Surveillance footage showed that both players were wearing T-shirts BU Athletics to the store that day. The next day, Price, 22, went to Wal-Mart with TV reception Crosby, took a TV the same, and took the customer service desk, where he tried to use Crosby received in return for a refund according to the documents court. The Press-Enterprise report stated clerk refused to refund the price, because the serial numbers onTV and access do not match, it is assumed that the price left the store with the TV, took it home and sold for $ 150 in Crosby. On August 27, Crosby, Wal-Mart back to the original and the TV reception and got a full refund, court documents said. Price and Crosby remain suspended until their cases are resolved in criminal court, no matter how long it takes, said Tom McGuire, Sports Information Director of Business Unit Enterprise release. The report also said the price and Crosby were both suspended for three...

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