Sony Bravia Xbr-46Hx929 recite

Watching television is probably one of your favorite activities to do at home. Recently, Sony launched a new television: the Sony Bravia Xbr-46Hx929. This new Lcd Tv offers high quality picture and audio as well as other great features for the greatest Tv experience.

Two years ago, Sony launched an exquisite Led Tv, the Kdl-Xbr8 series. It was 5" in depth with a large framing bezel. The new Bravia Xbr-46Hx929 is only 1" in depth and comes with a nice framing bezel as well. Like any other Sony Tvs, this newest model also offers an marvelous picture quality with rich colors. However, when tested with 3D content, the Tv still showed some blur from fast consuming images. On the other hand, it is still exquisite for viewing fast consuming 2D images.

32 Inch TV

For still images, the 3D viewing of this television is very clear. The Xbr-46Hx929 offers 1080p Hd resolution that will make the images look crystal clear. However, as mentioned earlier, fast petition is one of the problems that you will find on this state of the art Tv. The blur from the fast consuming images can certainly be a distraction.Even with this downside, the Xbr-46Hx929 is still thought about one of the best in its class. Most Lcd and Led Tvs struggle to process fast images to minimize judder. Sony overcomes this qoute equipping their newest innovation with the MotionFlow Xr 960. This technology helps neutralize judder from a camera movement.

The first thing you notice from the Xbr-46Hx929 is its slick and cool design. This super-thin Lcd Tv does not take up a lot of space. It is only 1" inch in depth and it has beautiful framing bezel. This television also comes with internet connectivity. Unfortunately, it is not installed with the Google Tv application. However, it comes with Sony's Bravia Internet Video and Qriocity. If you love listening to music, the Qriocity is ready to help you get the music that you want. With this feature, you can get music for free!

There are also some other superior features of the Sony Bravia Xbr-46Hx929. This high end television offers 3D Tv Ready capability, adequate with OptiContrastfor a detailed control of the backlight. Hence you can get a nice unlikeness from the picture. Other marvelous feature is the new X-Reality Pro Video Engine. This is a two chip processing engine that helps improve the quality of internet article sources. Most of the time, internet contents such as videos or images are of low resolution.But with this technology, now you can view them in a best quality. In addition, the X-Reality Pro Video engine is also able to optimize compressed Hd signal.

This Lcd Tv also comes with a Media Remote control application option. The application enables you to control your television using your iTouch, iPhone and Android-based devices. You can certainly download the application from the Apple App Store or from the Android Marketplace.

If you are looking for the best 3D Hd Tv, then new Sony Bravia Xbr-46Hx929 is the one for you.

Sony Bravia Xbr-46Hx929 recite

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