Flat Screen Tv - How Big Is Big?

Picking the right sized Big Screen Tv for your needs can't be boiled down to a simple formula. There are many things to reconsider before you're ready to make a purchase.

How large is the space in your living room where the flat screen Tv will go? Is there room colse to the Tv for ventilation and Dolby Surround Sound speakers? How much do you want to spend? How far away will the viewers be sitting?

32 Inch TV

You'll also want to know if a Home Theater principles fit in the room. Would you have more space if you install a wall mount instead of a Tv stand? Do you want to buy a allowance or high end Big Screen Tv? And most importantly, how jealous will the neighbors will be?

o portion the space where you plan to install the Tv. Subtract one foot from the resulting measurement to allow for the frame and ventilation space. This will give you a rough idea of what sized Plasma Tv will fit in the space (a five foot long space is needed for a 50" Tv).

o Big Screen Tv screens are measured diagonally like all Tv screens. The most popular screen sizes are 42-inch and 50-inch, although many sizes are ready between 32-inch and 108-inch. Because Tv screens are measured diagonally; a 50" screen will have a horizontal measurement somewhat shorter than 50".

o How high on the wall should your Plasma Tv be mounted? A flat wall mount should be slightly above the viewer's eye level. The bottom of the screen should be no more than one foot higher than the eye level of a seated adult. A tilt mount can be installed much higher than that, over fireplaces and even on bedroom ceilings.

o A rigorous shopper can find a name brand 42-inch Hdtv Flat Screen for colse to ,000, and a 50-inch for about ,000. You can spend much more, but the price of Plasma, Lcd and Dlp Tvs has dropped significantly in new months.

(If you're not familiar with some of the terms used above: Hdtv, Plasma, Lcd and Dlp, you should Google the "123 Guide To Plasma Tv.com")

o A wall mount takes up much less space than a Tv stand. Flat Screen Tvs are less than 4 inches thick, a flat wall mount adds 2 inches and a tilt mount 4-6 inches. A Tv stand can need space varying between 6 inches and 10 inches.

o The Size of Table Stands vary with the style and make. Plan on a table or base with at least 12 inches in depth and a minimum width 6 inches longer than the bottom of the table stand.

o How much viewing space is ready in the room? The comfortable viewing length for smaller Big Screen Tvs is 6 to 10 feet; the largest plasmas can be nothing else but viewed from 6 to 20 feet away.

o reconsider the space needed for all the accessories your Big Screen Tv will require; a Tv stand (or wall mount) , a home entertainment principles with speakers, a digital cable box and an Hd-Dvd player.

o Last, but not least, how jealous will the neighbors be when they see your new 50-inch Plasma?

Only you can resolve what size Flat Screen Tv you want to buy for your family. Do a minute planning, make informed choices, and you'll be much happier with your new Big Screen Tv!

It's as easy as 1 2 3!

Flat Screen Tv - How Big Is Big?

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